Board Members

Officers Elect 2013-2014:

President: Emily Rankin

VP: Sarah Donohue

Secretary: Carley Cooper

Treasurer: Jeff Bradley

Editor: Alex Rosenbaum

Executive Board 2012-2013:

  • K-Kids (K-Family) Coordinator: Emily Rankin 
  • Kiwanis & Aktion Club (K-Family) Coordinator: Emma Lukens
  • L.S.S (Service to Community) Coordinator: Alex Rosenbaum
  • Elementary (Service to Community) Ambassador: Jaison Easow
  • Communications Coordinator: Chae Eon Jang
  • Historian: – Rushaniya Fazli
  • Scrapbook Coordinator: Maddie Schumaker
  • Major Emphasis Coordinator: Corey McCarthy
  • Major Emphasis Chair: Ashli Stevens 
  • Major Emphasis Chair: Elana Waldstein
  • YSY Chair: Erica Strauss 
  • YSY Chair: Alyssa Woodard
  • Sophomore Director: Sarah Donohue
  • Junior Director: Evan Thomson 
  • Senior Director: Jena Hunsberger 
  • Lt. Governor/YSY Coordinator: Andrew Van Buren

Upcoming Board Meetings
October 17th + 31st – Room 117  

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