Schoolwide Service Opportunity

The following is a message from Mrs. Rodgers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Abington High School has been asked by Water Advocates in Washington DC, to be the poster kids for World Water Day.  They have asked us to make a big human H2O formation and photograph it so the photo can be used in press and media materials throughout the world.  oooookkkkkkkk

So – on Friday, November 19th from 3 – 4 PM, we will take an aerial photograph out on the practice football field, which is located between the senior high and junior high.

I will need about 180 kids to make a successful H2O so would you kindly spread the word to your students and clubs?    This photo will be used around the world to promote World Water Day in March.

Everyone  MUST WEAR EITHER AN ABINGTON T-SHIRT or an H2O Shirt or even a blue hoodie would work.

Participants will receive 2 hours of service for their time.


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